The English School of Shooting is set within approx. 4 acres of landscaped picturesque grounds, and has been developed over more than 3 decades with comfort and accessibility in mind. They are disabled friendly with full access for wheelchairs to both Trap and Skeet and 75% access to sporting. The paths are all concreted or gravelled, insuring no waterproof footwear is required, regardless of the weather. The car park has a capacity of 100 and has a gravelled path connection to the main shooting ground.

All of our sporting and DTL facilities are completely covered in; providing the ideal environment to shoot, come rain or shine. We even provide club umbrellas to ensure patrons are kept dry in-between stands.

The grounds are nestled in the original Royal hunting grounds dating back to nobles such as Elizabeth I.

You can enjoy complimentary coffee and biscuits in our fully heated clubhouse, which provides a comfortable, traditional environment to discuss the days events, as well as trade stories and tips with other shooters, from beginners to professionals.

We have the facilities to offer Sporting, Trap and Skeet disciplines at the English School of Shooting and welcome one and all.

Our grounds are designed with all Shooters in mind, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned Shooter.

Our trap layout and facilities have been developed over time to ensure that everyone is able to come and enjoy a genuine clay pigeon shooting experience with us.


International Firearms Consultant


Being an expert in his field Mr Halls is a consultant in the firearms industry including game, clay and all associated fields.
Mr Halls has an unrivalled experience in his specialist fields and has led a varied career across 4 decades of teaching and more than 5 decades shooting.
Mr Halls has provided consultative services across the globe to include distinguished clientele within the English Gentry, Middle Eastern Royalty, A-List Celebrities and Captains of industry.
To provide a brief overview of Gary’s experience in the firearms industry for your perusal:

Teaching/Consulting since 1970
Owns, runs and successfully maintains his own full purpose shooting school/facility in traditional Royal Hunting Grounds in the north of London since 1981.
Set up/operated largest indoor UK handgun/rifle range as well as being one of the largest in Europe.
Founded/managed munitions factory that developed and manufactured shotgun cartridges/Metallic ammunition and boasted among its clientele; James Purdy & Sons Ltd of Mayfair whom have proudly been granted The Royal Charter/Warrant at the highest order since 1878 (granted by subsequent British Monarchs).
Consulted globally on all aspects of shooting across the board to include game, clay and all associated disciplines as well as having advised on high profile and prestigious US shooting ground strategy and activity.
Advised and Instructed USAF (United States Air Force) personal at military bases in the UK including RAF Alconbury and Lakenheath).

Mr Halls is an expert in the English Churchill discipline and has developed his own unique style that can be adapted to equip everyone from the absolute novice upwards to the most seasoned marksman to enhance their shooting performance. In the shotgun field, there is no-one that Mr Halls can’t teach; using any shot gun, regardless of stature, age, strength, experience or disability. His exhibition shooting is often a talking point among experienced shooters , for example – shotgun’s in either hand, shooting from the hip, etc.
Outdoor pursuits come naturally to Mr Halls and in addition to his excellent shooting capabilities he has also spent over 20 years instructing Traditional Fly Fishing and is an able Archer.

Gary is available for one to one personal tuition for £300 per hour at your location by appointment only (Globally). Private lessons at our grounds can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Grounds Director


James’ has been shooting since he was old enough to hold a gun and; being Gary’s son, has learned his skills from day 1. As such; he’s shooting prowess and skill have been honed to a very fine point. He has a degree in business and financial management and professional qualifications in banking and as director of the shoot’s grounds is very capable to ensure that a smooth and enjoyable experience is delivered to all.

Senior Instructor


John Kenney has been with the English School of Shooting for more than 20 years and has held the position of senior instructor for the past 15 years.

John is a keen photographer and likes shooting, shooting and more shooting! John dislikes not shooting. John was taught personally by Gary James-Halls and is therefore very well placed for all your teaching needs.



Peter is a keen shooter with a closely honed shot. He has been teaching with us for several years and his ability to gel with people is matched only by his skill shooting. Pete originally hails from New Zealand and is a great addition to our team.



James is a well established and solid member of our team. He is great fun and his natural energy motivates all around him. Other than his natural passion for shooting, he is also a keen rugby fan and the odd spat of off roading!

Craig lloyd


Craig is always full of energy and his professionalism is infectious. He has earned the rank of senior instructor on merit alone and has done so rapidly. Other than being a keen shot, Craig also teaches ‘Break dancing’ classes to under 16’s as well as playing an active role in the community and has the trophies to prove it!



Sean is our newest and youngest member to join our team. He enjoys rugby, travelling and the clay shooting scene. His enthusiasm for clay shooting shown in his professional instruction to clients.